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What We Provide

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Acacia Lodge is situated on 5 acres at Londonderry NSW - only a 15 minute drive from Penrith. The kennels that your dog will stay in were built new and opened in December 2006.

Our kennel numbers are small, providing us with the ability to provide professional, loving one on one attention to your dog. The kennels are fully insulated with roller shutters and screen doors on the building. Not to mention the three 3.5hp reverse cycle air conditioners that we use for your dog's comfort.

Surveillance cameras are installed so pets may be monitored at all times.

We put your dog first

Only the best of comfort is provided to your dog during their stay at Acacia Lodge. No Hessian is used on the dog's bed - we provide a trampoline bed with a cover. If you prefer, you are welcome to bring along your bedding, toys or treats to help your dog feel more at home.  

If your dog has any special needs let us know - we will make their stay as comfortable as being at home.

All dogs are individually kennelled - if you have two dogs and want them together, we can accommodate this. For the safety of your dog, we walk all dogs separately at least 2 times a day. Additional one on one play services such as ball playing, Frisbee throwing, patting and general playing is available for an additional fee of $15 per half hour. The yards that your dog is exercised in are grassed with a shade sail.

Alternatively, a large 1 acre paddock is available for dogs that require that extra bit of exercise. The concrete let out yard which is utilised for the in between stops and for those dogs more accustomed to concrete areas.

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  • Body clip as requested

  • Bath in a warm water with specifically formulated shampoo and conditioner

  • Blow drying

  •  Clipping the nails

  •  Gently cleaning the ears

  •  Finishing with a light brush


  • Service includes Basic Brush, Tidy up, Hydrobath and Blow dry

  • Bath in a warm water with specifically formulated shampoo and conditioner

  • Blow drying

  • Clipping the nails

  • Gently cleaning the ears

  •  Finishing with a light brush

Please note that pet grooming is not a standalone service. Only provided to the pets who are boarding with us.  


Did you say food?

Providing a well balanced diet is essential for any dog - especially while not at home. We only supply the best quality meals full of nutritional value. You can choose from one of our menu meals (listed below) to keep as close as possible to their regular diet, or you can provide a supply of food for the duration of the stay.


  • Pre Pak (My Dog, Natures Gift or Pedigree tinned food).

  • Fresh is Best (fresh meat, rice, vegetables and kibble)

  • Premium Complete


  • Fresh chicken necks

  • Schmackos

  • Doggy biscuits

  • Liver Treats

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